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OG Steever, started making music as a teen to feel less alone. Through his six-year music journey, he’s found a global community of listeners that expressly relate to his emotion-driven sound. With a distinct sound chiefly inspired by hip hop, pop, and punk rock, it’s no wonder Steever crossed over 1.2 million streams in 2020, and he only plans on going harder in 2021.

Steever earned internet fame for his jams “Not Enough”, “Murder at the Hotel” and “Sacrificial,” but his fan base exploded when he posted video companions for the tracks to his YouTube, and now the rapper/singer has nearly 17K Instagram followers, and Spotify listeners in 91 countries.

Steever took a four-month recording hiatus at the beginning of 2020, but kept writing music for his community of fans, ultimately dropping gems like “Petrimony” about romantic hubris, which is the next of his songs he’s planning a music video for. Acoustic-guitar heavy tracks like Kapricious and Last Day(Disco song), which pairs Steever’s singing and rapping style up against disco-inspired instrumentals, showcase the range of emotions Steever says he bottled
up inside at the start of the year. His music is meant to “make you feel sadness, but also find a way through it.”


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